pioneer or laggard

Many companies extend and modernize their guidelines periodically. Unfortunately the Brand Management Platforms are often last to be redesigned with the new look. The reasons vary, but in most cases, the potential of relaunching the branding platform ahead of any other platform is underestimated.

It should be remembered that Brand Management Platforms (BMPs), which base on the general website guidelines, are mirroring any design adjustment. Unfortunately, this is only theoretically possible and is difficult to apply in reality because brands often decide to only do small redesign steps every few years, rather than daring to redesign their websites from the ground up. Those small design adjustments complicate the visual alignment of the BMP.

Be a pioneer

The platform should be a pioneer, live the new design principles and show users, how to handle the guidelines. If the platform is a “Best Practice”, all global company institutions can easily learn how to work with the new design elements. This can be the incentive for other website owners to implement the guideline-changes more frequently.
If you want to make it really easy for website owners to switch to new designs quickly you would offer the style sheets directly on the BMP. When there have been changes to the Guidelines, these should be especially easy to find and the user needs to be supported in implementing the changes by showing him how to apply them.

The users benefit

With the BMP, the user can take part in the guideline development. Many platforms have communities, who are well versed in expert brand knowledge. This knowledge should be put to good use by regarding the platform as a playground for implementing new designs, additional functionalities or interaction concepts with the help of the users. Thus a simple content-driven platform can develop into an agile platform.
One of the simplest steps is to introduce a blog, which keeps users up-to-date about the milestones. Developing a prototype or a click dummy might be large-scaled change. In any case, involving users into the platform developments increases the acceptance of the guidelines among the users. New designs are more easily implemented, because employees are already in the know about the changes.